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The Art of Good Design

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have your home look like a million dollars. A good balance of high and low, a bit of creativity and a clutter free space can transform your mess into a masterpiece. I’ve found the art of good design lies in layering major pieces with smaller accessories. It is bright overhead lighting mixed with soft ambient light from a table lamp or two. It is the artful arrangement of your furniture around a decorative rug. It is the art that you select and the way you display it. Good design embraces and enhances the way you live. It rids itself of what isn’t useful and creates a proper place for everything that is. Good design reflects your own personality and tastes while also revealing commonalities with your guests. It is not buying a store display of furniture or painting your walls the color of the year because it is the color of the year. Good design can be likened to a curated collection that reflects your aspirations, your hopes, your accomplishments and your dreams to all who enter your home. Below are a few images from around the web of what I consider good design.

Interior Design by Tobi Fairley. Photo via TobiFairley.com

Interior Design by Frankel Building Group.

Photo via FrankelBuildingGroup.com

Interior Design by Anna Burke Interiors.

Photo via AnnaBurkeInteriors.com

Interior Design by Jessie D. Miller

Photo via JessieDMiller.com

Interior Design by Chelle Albert Interiors.

Photo via ChelleAlbert.com

Interior Design by Wendy Labrum Interiors.

Photo via WendyLabrumInteriors.com

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