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When asked to describe herself, DeChelle leans in and looks me straight in the eye and says, "I never worry about disappointing myself because I do not fold under pressure. I am able to compete, complete and overcome challenges and obstacles. I am resourceful and resilient, a creative creator, a problem solver, and a strategist."

DeChelle has spent the last 15 years designing houses and interiors.  After studying interior design at Marymount University, she went on to work for several firms in Washington, DC, designing kitchens, baths, and interiors and leading teams and acting as a project manager and general contractor on whole house renovations before going out on her own.  Although, all of that in itself has been a handful, her work and learning experiences have consisted of so much more.  She has solved the problems of home and business owners, coached her peers on how to build and brand their businesses, fixed problems that seemed unfixable and used careful planning and strategy to deliver big design on small budgets.  She has given clients happiness and joy with her inspired, outside of the box thinking.

DeChelle has been featured in publications online, in print, and on television.  She knows the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and building a brand from the ground up and is experienced in business development, content creation, catalog concepting, art direction, social media content and strategy, copy editing and press reviews, branding, website design and direction, curation, and product design. 


DeChelle is motivated and inspired and is always ready for a new challenge.  If she can't readily find what she needs, she has been known to create it.  DeChelle finds joy in using her skills and talents in ways that allow full creative expression.

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