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"Thanks so much for your help in doing our kitchen.  

We are really happy with the result and appreciate your

professionalism and eye for detail.  It was a pleasure

working with you and we will definitely recommend you

to our friends and colleagues.

All the Best, 

Funke and Bayo"

"DeChelle Harris designed and supervised the renovation of 1.5 baths for me.  

Throughout the renovation DeChelle appeared interested and responded to my telephone calls.  She arranged to meet with me frequently.  


Dechelle has a good eye for detail, which shows in the final product.  

-Eunice Mae Meek"

"To Whom It May Concern:


DeChelle Harris was introduced to me as an interior designer specializing in bathrooms and kitchens in September 2006.  I was immediately impressed by her professionalism, preparedness and ability to listen carefully to my wishes and my concerns.  We walked through my home casually chatting while she took notes.  Then she began to measure my available space.  


Ms. Harris paid attention to the things that were important to me before making suggestions.  This impressed me because I had begun to feel overwhelmed when talking to contractors.  They gave me so much information while using professional jargon that I had trouble listening and understanding.  Ms. Harris listened so attentively that she appeared to anticipate questions that I might have.  After going over with me my essential needs and how they might fit into my space constraints, she agreed to go shopping with me.  Having Ms. Harris guide me through the wonderful myriad possibilities for my bathrooms made a task that had become formidable, change suddenly into an awe inspiring experience.  


Ms. Harris worked with me throughout my project with enthusiasm and concern that I appreciated in ways that are difficult to describe.  She made a challenging project workable.  No concern of mine was too much to ask of her.  Each request was received with a gracious response in a timely manner.  Thanks to her help, I have two new bathrooms to enjoy for a lifetime. I would highly recommend Ms. Harris and her company.  DeChelle is a vital asset to all she lends her talents.  You will be pleased with her professional expertise and her rare sense of embracing her client's needs.


-Ann E. Saunders"

"To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with DeChelle on several design projects in my home, which include a basement renovation (converting a laundry/storage area into a two bedroom apartment), a master bathroom, powder room and kitchen.  DeChelle by far has made many of my dreams for my home come to fruition.  During her tenure on my projects she has been dedicated to her work and exudes passion when creating designs.  In my experience with her, I most admired her "Can do attitude."  This attitude prevailed during my basement renovation because of the countless times she provided solutions to issues on the job site.  

I first encountered DeChelle in my attempt to design a kitchen for my home.  During the design process I noticed her ability to maximize both interior space and function as it related to the kitchen design.  As the process continued, I was very impressed with the creative ideas she brought to the table, and became more impressed with the meticulous detail she put into the design.  After the kitchen design was completed, I was so pleased with the final outcome that I requested her services again for an additional kitchen design project I was undertaking to renovate my basement apartment.  

In the midst of receiving her services for the second kitchen design, she informed me of her ability to design spaces outside of the kitchen and bath realm.  As she had already proven her ability in design work, I immediately inquired her thoughts on the living space in the basement renovation I was beginning.  Many of the design concepts she mentioned were very innovative, and I became more interested in her ideas as she began rendering her ideas on paper.  Much to my amazement, I later discovered in addition to being a designer she also had real world experience with implementing and managing a renovation/construction project.  Out of all of the skills she had to offer, this particular skill was of most importance at the time because I had employed a general contractor, who took advantage of my lack of understanding in regard to the level of effort and time to execute the work, material cost, and various construction possibilities.  As time progressed, DeChelle's responsibilities outside of the kitchen design morphed into managing the research and procurement for all finishing materials used on the project, providing independent oversight over my existing general contractor, and ensuring her design for my basement renovation was properly executed to meet her expectation of how the design would ultimately turn out.  

Upon completion of the my basement renovation, DeChelle also provided input in an exterior addition for the entire rear of my home.  

In closing, I strongly recommend DeChelle and her design skills and I intend to utiiize her skills on all future projects I undertake.  


--Omar K. Newland"

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