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A Brief Look At Mid-Century Modern

Lately, it seems every client I talk to or home I enter is interested in mid-century modern furniture or has a piece of mid-century modern furniture on display. Mid-century modern is typically used to refer to any product or interior design or architecture that occured from 1933-1965. It is said to be organic in style and exhibit Scandinavian influences. Not long ago, I attended an event in DC hosted by Apartment Therapy in which a panel discussed DC's obssession with all things mid-century modern. I learned a lot about the importance of buying from reliable sources as well as about the process and creativity behind the mid-century modernist artists, architects and designers. These influencers, Eames, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Saarinen (to name a few), each made a significant contribution to the movement and their works are still being reproduced and copied today.

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