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Why Working With An Interior Designer Is The Best Thing You Never Thought To Do

When it comes to decorating your home, most people never think to hire an interior designer. They believe they can do it themselves but this line of thinking is flawed. Of course, you can decorate yourself but that can come at a costly price. Interior designers consider the whole project from how to tie in adjoining room paint colors, to line of sight perspectives, to art groupings, on down to the skillfulness of the trades who will do the required work. Interior designers don’t just decorate they create visual interest.

One of the most important reasons to hire a designer is because he or she has vision. Designers can see the entire project before it is completed. And if for some reason they cannot, they have enough design intuition to know whether a purchase is immediately necessary (i.e. too good to pass up) or if it calls for allowing other areas within the home to fall into place first before making that purchase.

Designers also have experience. Many of the stumbling blocks a homeowner may encounter while decorating, an interior designer will have already come across early on in their education/career. While adding crown molding to your downstairs foyer may seem like a wonderful idea at first, figuring out where or what the crown molding will die into may prove to be slightly perplexing for those less experienced. A good designer will assess these obstacles long before they are encountered and determine a suitable and elegant way to address them.

Designers also know people. And by people, I mean trades people. Need wallpaper hung? A designer will have the contacts to get it done properly. Installing hardwood? A designer will have a bevy of resources to have your project completed right the first time. No paint on the ceiling. No leaky faucets. No contractors that take your money only never to return. A designer’s professional relationships/contacts may be one of their greatest assets.

Choosing a designer can be a dilemma in itself. Here’s how to separate the good from the great. Take on selecting a designer as you would an interview. Ask to see their work. Inquire about references and work experience. Have they ever worked on a project similar to yours? Does the designer have sub-contractors they recommend? How are their fees scheduled? Who will manage the work? Hiring a designer, should be an enjoyable experience. The designer should remove the stress from the process. They should present multiple options and be inclusive of your ideas. Hiring an interior designer should be on one of the best things you never thought to do (before reading this post).

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