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5 Items That Will Make Your Home Appear As If It Were Designed By A Professional

Window Treatments. Window treatments are to a room what cologne is to a man. It’s the final touch that adds to a well put together package. There are many types of window treatments, from shades to curtains and drapery and on to films and blinds. Choosing which style best fits your space depends on your overall tastes as well as the design of the room. If your space is more contemporary with clean lines and minimal accessories, you may want to consider cellular or fabric shades or possibly even, window films. For a more traditional ornate space, curtains or drapery will allow you to flex more of your design muscles by giving consideration to such factors as style, color, hardware, material, etc.

Area Rugs. I always recommend area rugs, even in spaces that are carpeted. Area rugs ground the space. They add a feeling of coziness to a room not created by any other element in interior design. Area rugs help pull all the individual, unique pieces of a space together to form a cohesive well-appointed room. They can be layered, using more than one rug within the same space. Area rugs can be used to divide an open floor plan and designate differences in usage. They are also helpful in protecting wood, stone or carpeted floors from every day wear and tear.

Lighting. Lighting is one of my favorite design elements. I consider it the jewelry of a room. The proper amount of lighting can give any room a magical sparkle or the perfect romantic haze. I typically like to layer it within my design projects by specifying multiple light sources. For general overhead lighting, I recommend recessed lights. They aren’t as obstructive as some surface mounted structures and when done right, can give the ceiling a clean, uncluttered feel. However, too many recessed lights can look like a game of whac-a-mole gone wrong. If you’re interested in making more of a statement, chandeliers are wonderful options and are guaranteed to give any space an extra bit of glamour. Table side and floor lamps are another subtle way to incorporate visual interest into a space by selecting those fabricated in unique shapes, colors, and/or materials.

Art. Art, whether sculptural or painted, is an amazingly simple way to give your home a facelift. Art inspires, encourages and asks us to examine the world around us a little closer. Hanging a triptych over your fireplace or a series of portraits ascending along a flight of stairs tells a story about the homeowner’s interests and personality. Art can give insight into how a person views the world, if they have a sense of humor or if they see things in a more brooding and dark light. There are many different art forms, from “do it yourself” to other types which have been sculpted or stroked by someone who has studied and practiced for years, and as such, art can range widely in price. There is no right or wrong in deciding which art to use in your home, only that it strike something within you.

Mirror. Mirrors are a wonderful and not so secret tool that interior designers have used for years to create beauty and interest within both public and private spaces. Mirrors open up a room by reflecting that which is put in front of them. It gives a smaller space a larger appearance and a darker space, a brighter one. When put in front of a working space, i.e. dining room table, a mirror can serve as a dynamic (living) work of art by moving and breathing as you and your guests move and breathe.

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