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2013 DC Design House: An Early Look

If you follow me on Instagram or Tumblr or Twitter, then you may have seen some of my photos from the 2013 DC Design House earlier this week. The photos did not reveal much, as the house is still in it's bare bones state so if you didn't understand what they were about this is my attempt to clarify. The DC Design House is an opportunity to raise money for charity, while allowing local area designers to showcase their talents. A house is chosen that is for sale or going to be for sale (the homeowner(s) has/have to move out if they are currently living in the home) and selected interior designers from the local area each have the opportunity to design one room in the home. Monday and Tuesday of this week were the walk-through days for the designers to pick their rooms. Once the rooms have been picked, designers then have a few weeks to put together a presentation board of their design concept for the room. A selection committee determines which boards represent the best design of the space and those designers are chosen to participate in the Showhouse. I attended the walk-through tour both days and selected my room(s)--you are asked to pick 2 backups. I measured and took pictures and started making arrangements to submit my presentation boards. If I submit and am selected this will be my first Design Showhouse. It is a great commitment and a huge investment of both time and money but it promises to be a ton of fun.

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