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The Guardians with Kesha Bruce

Back in December, I went to the opening of an exhibit at Morton Fine Art gallery in DC. The exhibit featured a new collection of works by artist, Kesha Bruce, entitled "the guardians". The crowd was made up of about 30 people and it was a real treat to have Kesha give us a brief talk on the inspiration and methodology behind her work. The collection explores the thought that there are spirits (Guardians) that watch over, protect and, in this case, inspire us.

I read something once that said, "art is supposed to make you feel something..." that said, I've followed Kesha's work for a few years now and this collection moved and transfixed me in a way much like her previous works. Her work has a haunting and spiritual quality to it that makes it entirely unforgettable.

Many of the paintings were sold prior to my arrival but i took a few pictures of pieces I would have loved to have mounted in one of my client projects. I've posted them previously, see below.

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