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Painted Entry Doors

The first thing someone sees when you invite them to your home is the exterior. Unlike the interior, your home’s exterior is on display for any and everyone to see and to judge its “curb appeal” or lack thereof. The front door is the gateway to your home. It is the portal to the place where you lay your head, where you store precious belongings and where you prepare meals that nourish your family. The front door is the throughway to most everything you hold special. With that notion in mind, I am of the belief that such an important portal should be it’s own shining moment. Choosing to paint your front door is one way to create that shining moment. Whether you are quirky and whimsical or classic and refined, the shade you choose for your front door is a way to let your personality shine through and up your home’s curb appeal. It is not uncommon to see shades of red, black and white on many front entry doors and while these are classic colors, I have noticed a new trend of doors painted in colors that are equally as lovely, yet unexpected. Doors in shades of pinks and greens and blues are popping up all over the city and making me stop for a moment and admire the boldness of the choice.

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