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Art At Home

Last week, I spent a few hours at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. I love going to museums! I find so much inspiration! It is a reminder that we all can make contributions to this world; positive contributions that will leave the world better than we found it.

Art is a very personal thing and people respond to it in different ways. I typically prefer abstract and modern art, while others prefer portraiture or landscapes. Some clients don’t mind when I select the art, while others prefer to select their art themselves so each piece has a story. There is no right or wrong way to go about acquiring or decorating with art. On many occasions I’ve been hired to help clients that own a lot of art and not a lot of wall space, determine which pieces to hang. Below are a few of my tips… 1. Hang art that is deeply personal to you. Art that invokes a special childhood or adulthood memory, a photo from a family barbecue or a wedding day portrait or a landscape from a vacation can help to inspire happiness and create more of the same energy that was captured at the moment the photo was taken.

Photo via HousetoHome.co.uk

2. Select art that ties a room together. This type of art should give the space a theme. The theme can be around content or color.

Photo via ChelleAlbert.com

3. If you are creating a gallery wall and the space already has a lot to catch the eye, stick with frames that are similar in size and finish. If the space is relatively neutral, play it up a bit with frames of different finishes and size.

Photo via MandarinaStudio.net

4. Don’t be afraid to create and display your own art. The fun is in the doing but it is equally as satisfying to display your own work amongst those of real artists.

Photo via TameraMagel.com

5. There are many different art forms. Don’t be afraid to explore and mix and match multiple forms and styles.

Photo via KristenBuckingham.com

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