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DC Places: Atlantic Plumbing Cinema

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of going to see the new Steve Jobs movie at a new theater located in the Atlantic Plumbing Building in the Shaw neighborhood of Washington, DC. The Atlantic Plumbing Cinema opened on Thursday, October 15th. It is in walking distance to my house so I was excited to be able to take a short walk over and catch a movie on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Also, I absolutely love the design of this building and am still kicking myself for not jumping at the opportunity to buy in the building when I had the chance. The building at one point was home to the Atlantic Plumbing Supply Company and thus kept part of the name. I was very excited to go over and check out the new cinema and even doubly so since the Steve Jobs movie was the first and only movie they decided to premiere.

I must say my favorite part of the experience was while purchasing tickets being able to select the seats. The prompt shows you all the seats that have been reserved (purchased) and all the seats that are available. An honorable mention is that the theater also has a bar where you can order food and specialty cocktails named after famous films, like ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘The Last King of Scotland’. You can eat and drink in the bar area or at the sofas and tables. You can even take menu items into the theater with you and nosh on chicken wings and crab cake minis while you enjoy your movie. There is a patio area for drinking and dining when the weather is nice and of course, a concessions stand with typical movie theater concessions. I give the experience an A+, as I really enjoyed sipping my wine from an actual glass while watching a film in a seat I selected. I will definitely be visiting this theater again once they begin showing other films next week.

The Atlantic Plumbing building houses the cinema and condos/apartments and was formerly known as The Atlantic Plumbing Supply Co.

The ticket kiosk. I love that you can select your seats!

Bar and Lounge

Bar and lounge looking out onto the patio.

Plush upholstered leather chairs and banquette offer multiple seating options for patrons in the lounge.


Beer, wine and spirits.


Inside one of the screening rooms.

Industrial lighting compliments the building's industrial architecture.

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