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Seeing Red

I’m a color girl. I love color. I love decorating and designing spaces with bold saturated colors. I love pastels, too. But I’ll be honest with you and fill you in on a secret; red is probably one of my least favorite paint colors to recommend to clients. While I like bold colors, I prefer to incorporate them in such a way that their boldness is subtle; where the color isn’t necessarily the first thing that grabs you. I’ve always felt that red is one of those colors that just grabs you and overwhelms everything else. It screams, “Hello! I’m here! Look at me!” It takes the right hand and awesome execution to design an entire room in red. A good designer can work magic. Check out a few magical spaces below!

Interior Design by John Yunis. Photo via

Interior design by Miles Redd. Photo via

Interior design by Christopher Patrick Interiors. Photo via

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