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Feeling Blue

I don’t know what it is about blue in a space that excites me but it is my opinion that you can never go wrong with having blue in your home. Whether it is in the form of a paint choice, cabinetry, furniture, upholstery or window treatments, blue is a winner. One could say I am drawn to it because it is my favorite color but when I see an interior space that utilizes blue in its design, my heart skips a beat. Blue is not typically considered a neutral color, as we have been programmed to accept it as masculine but I have seen it used in many spaces that definitely imply a soft and feminine quality. Blue lands on the cooler spectrum of the color wheel but can be paired with warmer shades to create an inspired space. I typically prefer deeper shades of the hue but I find the lighter shades to be equally as inviting and occasionally, even, exciting.

How gorgeous is this custom vanity?!

Interior designer unknown. Photo via

Love the beautiful cornflower blue cabinetry in this kitchen design by Sutro Architects.

Photo via

Love the soft, washed quality of the blue wallpaper in this space. Interior design by Tobi Fairley & Associates.

Photo via

You can never go wrong with a blue velvet. It is guaranteed to make any space feel luxe.

Interior design by Wendy Labrum Interiors.

Photo via

Interior Design by Wendy Labrum Interiors. Photo via

Love the classic sophistication of this sky blue vanity area.

Interior design by Lisa Mende.

Photo via

This fabulous blue velvet sofa deserves a round of applause.

Interior design by Atmosphere Interior Design.

Photo via

The gorgeous blue velvet chairs up the chic factor in this dining room designed by

Sally Wheat Interiors.

Photo via

This cloud blue headboard is sure to invite sweet dreams.

Photo via

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