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Pantone's 2016 Color(s) of the Year

Yesterday, Pantone announced its 2016 Color(s) of the Year. It is the first time Pantone has chosen to name two colors for the Color of the Year. They are being dubbed twins (paternal?) and are Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520) and Serenity (Pantone 15-3919), a pale pink and soft blue. I must admit that I am happy they did not select white. I was secretly hoping their choice would be something in the blue family. If you read my blog (yesterday’s post), you already know how I feel about blue and as Dr. Schauss, a scientist who studied color and it’s effect on human behavior back in the 1960s, once said, “It is impossible to remain angry in the presence of pink.” The colors Pantone has selected for the upcoming year are soft pastels. They are soothing and invoke a sense of calm, which after the year of tragedy and turmoil we all have experienced, soothing and calm may be exactly what we all need. Here’s a look at a few spaces that are already on trend with the 2016 Color of the Year. What are your thoughts about Pantone’s selection? Let me know in the comments!

Photo via ecobuildingpulse.com

Interior designer unknown.

Photo via elle.es

Interior design by Jay Jenkins.

Photo via houzz.com

Interior design by Anthony Buratta.

Photo via AnthonyBuratta.com

Photo via ecobuildingpulse.com

Interior design by CWB Architects.

Photo via CWBArchitects.com

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