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New Year, New Organized You

It’s a new year and I’m sure you’ve thought about how you can better yourself in the year ahead. I find most people start the year off strong with their resolutions and intentions and then a few weeks or months in, start to fall back into old habits. One intention you may have set for the new year may have been to be more organized. If so, becoming more organized is an easy and effective way to create positive and lasting results in your life.

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In my experience, being organized is simply having a place for everything and consistently making sure to keep those things in that place. The first step to becoming an organized person is to evaluate your things. If you find that you have more stuff than space, it may be necessary to get rid of some things. What do you have that is not useful and only serves to take up space? Get rid of these items. Donate them to a local church or Salvation Army. You will be amazed at how ridding yourself of these things will breathe new life and energy into your home.

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After you’ve downsized, you still may have more stuff than space. Look into storage options for these wayward items. Whether it is using under the bed storage, stacking containers, shelving, carts, trays, bins, etc., there are many storage options available to keep your stuff neat and accessible.

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In all the best designed spaces, there is a common thread. That thread is a clutter free and organized space. Spend some time over the next week identifying where in your home needs organization. Identify what is causing the problem. Is it paper? Clothes? Books? Tupperware? Rid yourself of the things that are not useful, are worn out, dated, etc. Create a dedicated space for all remaining items. Purchase any tools necessary to optimize your existing space. Report your progress back here. I’d love to hear your success stories!

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