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2014 Holiday Gift Guide

2014 Gift Guide.jpg

If you're like me and like to wait until the last minute to complete your Christmas shopping, then this guide might be just the thing to help you get ahead this holiday. I've put together a 2014 Holiday Gift Guide consisting of 9 items that are suitable for all the adults in your life from your secret santa at work to your significant other.

1. Every girl likes to feel pretty and I can't think of a better way to make her feel all sparkly and special than with these beautiful Loren Hope earrings.

Loren Hope.jpg

Loren Hope, Clara Earrings in Violet, $68

2. This is a perfect gift for those who haven't gone completely digital and still like to jot down notes or thoughts while in the moment and look stylish while doing it.


Moleskin Hardcover Notebooks, Ruled and Unruled, $18.95 ea.

3. I love this shirt for its versatility. It can be worn to work under a suit or with jeans for date night or just hanging with the guys. Give him that extra boost of confidence he didn't know he needed and gift him this shirt by Hugh & Crye, because whether he dresses it up or down, he's sure to look like he's got it all in hand.

Hugh & Crye.jpg

Hugh & Crye, Piedmont, $85

4. The Moto360 smart watch is simply stunning in its elegant simplicity. The design is definitely an eye catcher and although, it is not iOS compatible, it is sure to keep you on track with its ability to send texts, alert you to the weather and track your activity to help you obtain that healthier lifestyle.

Moto 360.png

Motorola, Moto 360, $250

5. The Rumi coat by Club Monaco is beautiful for its understated yet stylish tailoring, its soft color and unique texture. This gift is a great way to let her know you appreciate her fashion sensibilities but that you realize it's cold out there and want to keep her warm when you're around and even when you're not.

Club Monaco Linnea.jpg

Club Monaco, Rumi Coat, $429

6. These Lauren Marinis probably aren't the most practical gift for every woman but sometimes a little boldness and daring trumps practicality. Gift her these and you won't be able to keep her from prancing around all season.

Lauren Marinis.jpg

Lauren Marinis, Gilda Painted Blue, $300

7. Every woman needs one good red lipstick. And what's more good (better) than a lipstick that is vegan/cruelty free? Makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

Lime Crime.jpg

Lime Crime, Glamour 101, $18

8. When you're shopping for that someone who has everything, art is a great go-to gift. It's the gift that keeps on giving and never goes out of trend!

Jenny Prinn.jpg

Jenny Prinn, Snowfall 3, 12" x 12", $200

9. Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles are my personal favorite go-to gift. These truffles are light and delicious and buttery. Any person receiving these will be sure to know you thought highly of them to gift them these scrumptious chocolates!

Charbonnel et Walker.jpg

Charbonnel et Walker, Pink Marc de Champagne Truffles, $40

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