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A Spanish Villa Fit For A Prince

If you are anything like me, the shock of Prince Rogers Nelson's death may be just starting to wear off and you may be coming around to the glum realization that it is, in fact, true and that the world has indeed lost another of its greatest musicians. How depressing to consider. However, I have found some joy in perusing old articles and photos about the villa in Marbella, Spain, Prince at one time owned with his former wife, Mayte Garcia. The villa is stunning in it's Spanish-style architecture and elegant and refined in it's interior design. It was not lost on me that "the Purple One" at one point lived in a pink palace. Take a look at the photos below.

Prince's Spanish villa, located in Marbella, Spain Photo via

Prince liked to adorn and emblazon his symbol on and within his homes. Here he has also included NPS, New Power Soul, an album which he had recently

released and the profits from which he used to purchase this estate. Photo via of

The bathroom was completely outfitted in pink marble.

Photo via

The home was decorated by Prince's then wife, Mayte Garcia. Photo via of

A cane used by Prince rests atop a barrel chair in what appears to be an office. Photo via of

A pink palace! Photo via of

Dining room at Prince's Spanish villa showing chairs upholstered with a mongorammed

logo symbolizing the union between Prince and his former wife, Mayte Garcia

Photo via of

Custom china with The Artist's Symbol and the first initial of his wife, Mayte Photo via of

Prince and his former wife, Mayte Garcia, at their villa in Marbella, Spain

Photo via of

Video tour of a villa in Marbella, Spain at one time owned by Prince and his wife, Mayte

Video courtesy of Theresa Bernabe TV

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